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A Return to Blogging

Hello there! Happy to have you here. My name is Jeannie Vincent, I'm a professional makeup artist, licensed esthetician, and clean beauty advocate living in the Boston, MA area. I also happen to be a retired blogger, former Beauty Editor for the way before its time New Brahmin. Today I come out of retirement. I'll use this space to share beauty tips and tricks, product obsessions, industry news, and any other relevant (to me) content. I hope you'll find this blog helpful and fun to read. If you have any subject requests, drop them in a comment or feel free to email me: hello@beautymystic.com. Lots of love and glowy skin forever, JV.

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  • I love you my, beautiful, talented, and incredible sister! You have taught me so many invaluable lessons. My skin thanks you every day! ♥️


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