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The Ideal Nighttime Clean Beauty Skincare Ritual

On Thursday, January 30th, 2020, I had the pleasure of leading a hands-on workshop at Credo on Newbury Street. If you've unfamiliar with Credo, they are the largest retailer of clean beauty in the country. They carry over 100 brands of the best in non-toxic personal care products. High key one of my favorite places on earth.

For this event, I wanted to showcase a full-on multi-step evening skincare ritual. The kind of thing you might not have time for every night, but that you would indulge in on the weekend or anytime you need a little extra TLC. This routine will work for most skin types, but if you have specific concerns you can feel free to comment and I'll be happy to make some alternate suggestions.

At night when your body is at rest, your skin is working to repair itself. For this reason, the skincare you apply at night before bed is vital to the overall health of your skin. You can pare this routine down for weeknights and go all out on the weekend, or whatever works for your schedule. The most important steps every night are to properly cleanse and remove makeup, tone, hydrate, and moisturize.

1. Oil-cleanse with One Love Organics Vitamin B + Cleanser Makeup Remover or Marie Veronique Pure E.O. Free Oil Cleanser if you have ultra-sensitive skin. Apply cleansing oil to dry skin and massage in circular motions. Introduce some water to emulsify the cleanser then rinse off or remove with a damn washcloth.

Using an oil cleanser as a first step allows you to get a deeper clean than using a single cleanser alone. While not exactly necessary for every day, I do recommend this two-step process for days when you are wearing more makeup or sunscreen than usual. Oil breaks down oil, and you'll see the results when using the oil-cleanser on dry skin. Your skin must be dry first for this method to work properly, since water repels oil and if your skin is damp, the oil won't be able to cling onto dirt and impurities.

2. Do a second cleanse with OSEA Ocean Cleanser (one of my favorite products of all time). Dampen your face with water then massage 1-2 pumps of cleanser over the skin and eye area. Add more water, massage, and rinse. Pat dry.

OSEA Ocean Cleanser is fortified with certified organic red algae and vegan lactic acid to smooth and soften the skin. It also smells seriously amazing, the best way I can describe it is ocean candy. It rinses completely clean, taking along any leftover bits of makeup (even mascara, unless it's waterproof).

3. Mask with Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask or the mask of your choice for what your skin needs at the time. Apply a thin layer of the mask all over the face, avoiding the eye area. Let sit for 10-30 minutes, using less time for sensitive skin and more time for thicker skin.

This is one of my favorite masks that delivers results in a short amount of time. It will be your go-to before any events or anytime your skin is feeling a bit dull and needs a little boost. It contains BHA and enzymes that help gently break down dead skin to reveal a renewed and glowy complexion.

4. Spritz face with Vertly CBD Infused Soothing Face Mist. Use enough product so that your skin is slightly damp, 2-4 spritzes.

CBD is a soothing ingredient that helps to combat inflammation. Not to mention this has to be the best mister on any bottle I have ever encountered. It's definitely a treat yourself splurge, but I promise every time you use it, your heart will be happy.

5. Apply Grown Alchemist Instant Smoothing Serum all over face avoiding eye area. Always apply water-based serums first, and oil-based serums on top.

This serum is special because it contains 3 different sizes of hyaluronan molecules to deepy hydrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid draws hydration into the skin, leaving it feeling plump and bouncy.

6. Apply Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir all over face avoiding eye area. Start with 2-3 drops and add more if needed.

This oil-based serum is loaded with Omegas, vitamins, and minerals to nourish and restore your skin. Camellia seed oil is one of my favorite non-clogging oils.

7. Apply a small amount of Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Line-Filling Eye Balm to under-eye and orbital bone, being careful to not bring product too close to the lash line.

This eye cream, also with hyaluronic acid, is almost too good to be true. It's rich and nourishing without feeling heavy and goopy. It even blurs and brightens on contact. If you've struggled to find an eye cream that you love, this one will make you a believer. The skin around the eye is the thinnest on the face, so it really does deserve a little extra care and attention.

8. Apply a small amount of BYBI Beauty Lip Buffer to dry lips. Massage around to gently remove any dead skin. Wipe or rinse off and pat dry. 

Our lips don't produce their own moisture and for that reason can get a little dry and flaky. A gentle scrub is the easiest, most effective way to shed dead skin and renew your lips. The exfoliation motion will also bring blood flow to the lips, letting them look healthy and plump (but not bee-stung).

9. Apply a small amount of Henné Lip Mask to lips.

This. Lip. Mask. Is. Everything. Infused with avocado oil, pomegranate seed oil and sea buckthorn seed oil, it's a veritable cocktail of deeply nourishing botanicals. Due to the seed oils it has a yellowish color, so just be sure not to glop it on and then go head first into a white pillow, or you might experience a little bit of staining.

10. Apply a pea- to dime-sized amount of Goldfaden M.D. Hands to Heart Brightening Hand Treatment to hands, taking care to massage into cuticles.

None of us take good enough care of our hands (except maybe Khloe Kardashian, who famously wears gloves while driving around Los Angeles). This hyaluronic acid infused hand cream also contains retinol and niacinimide to brighten and renew the skin. Your hands will thank you for this elevated treat.

11. Make some Tusli Sleep Tea, crawl in bed, and relax! Wake up in the morning with glowing skin.

What is your favorite part of your nighttime routine?

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